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New Site Feedback Requested

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 11:36 am
by TeknoAXE
Hello Everyone!

I'm in the process of redesigning this site. The redesign is meant to make it easier for people to navigate the music sections, while bringing all the extra stuff, like the blog, tutorials, news and community interaction to one place so people can easily select what they want to read or watch or listen to. Several main sections of the site are complete, while some have a way to go.

I'd like you to give your opinion on what I have done so far. In particular, I want to know your thoughts on the new Navigation Bar, the horizontal slider that showcases latest videos and genre-related videos. The Navigation bar is meant to bring together all the information from blogs to announcements to news and tutorial videos and user comments that form kind of the blog-o-sphere of the site.

I'll link you to several pages.
This would be the new Home page. The site mission statement is loaded up into the Nav Bar when the visitor starts here.
This is the onsite Link Page, where people go to peruse my music.
This is the link page that comes in from Youtube. As you can see, it's more similar to the onsite Link Page.
This is the new submitted post page. This is where news, forum user posts and tutorials will go, except for the wordpress blog.