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2015 End of Year Mix

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 2:43 pm
by TeknoAXE
Hey everyone!

With November rolling around, I'm starting to focus my thoughts on the End of Year mix, 2015. Just to give you a taste of what I have to work with this year, here are a list of EDM tracks I've come up with so far in 2015. Frozen Karma Sub Zero Engine Grind Supersonic Urban Thaw Symbiotic Square Waves Mystical Wubs Starbase Mechanics Third Level Encryption with Added Dubstep Warble the Friendly Robot Chiptune Downtempo Funk Party Take me to the Skies Transistors and Rain Droplets Robot Disco Dance Lyrics in Sonar Drive Down These Roads Cyberstomp Boogie Hyperspace Red Alert Basic Dancefloor Anthem Deep Six Wub Oceanside Diaries Glitchy G Funk Summer Yellow Jacket Revenge New Age Revolution New Wave Illumination Glass Canopy Digital Leap Frog Happy Neutron Star Phantom Anthem Run Technopop7c Looking for Trouble Throwing an Exception Smooth Moves on the Street Proof of Concept Frozen Moments on the Floor Stepping Along the Sky Something Completely Different Fighting Against a Head Cold Call and Response Wubs Megalopolis Love Red October Laser Gun Fight Frogs vs Robots Space Trap Vampire Underground Moped Cruising Gravedigger's Ball Forever Lost [Featuring MyCherryCrush] Hail to the Foil Sleep Deprivation Disco Bionic Inspirational Speaker I Crank the Disco Fuzz I'm Everywhere [TeknoaXE Drum and Bass Mix] Electro Floor Motifs Post Modern Cosmonaut Toys Revolt

Of course I do have remasters as well, which I will add at a later date for people to preview.