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Regarding the iTunes and Pond5 links on the Download Pages

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:50 am
by TeknoAXE
Regularly, I get questions on how to download music onto iPhones and iPads. I also get questions on if people can get a wave file version of a track.

iPhones, unfortunately, can not download music through any platform other than iTunes. I've decided to included links to individual tracks on iTunes if they're on a Bulk Album. These are 99 cents each, so if you find yourself wanting close to 10 tracks on a particular album, consider buying the album instead as each album has 101 tracks.

For wave files, storing these formats for my music would eat up all my storage and bandwidth. So if you really need a wave file for your project, I've included links to wave files hosted on I've offered all tracks on that site the cheapest I could offer on that site, which is 5 dollars.

Thank you!