Regarding YouTube's Latest Wave of Content I.D. Matching

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Regarding YouTube's Latest Wave of Content I.D. Matching

Postby TeknoAXE » Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:05 pm

As the news about the latest wave of Content I.D. matching across YouTube progresses, I feel it necessary to communicate to you that, as of now, no one has come forward with news that their videos have been content I.D. matched for my music because of these changes.

However, I feel the need to communicate to you to encourage you to speak up if you run into a content I.D. claim attached to my music with the track that was claimed and the company that made the claim. I've fought these claims before and won, but I need your help to continue fighting these. I can't fight without knowing what's going on and you are doing yourselves no favors by just letting it happen to you.

Please communicate these occurances to me either through these forums, or through my youtube inbox.


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