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Latest Visual Redesign

Postby TeknoAXE » Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:47 pm

I've come up with what I promise to be the last major visual redesign for a while now. I feel that, which the previous incarnation was alright, modern web-design had adopted the philosophy of using the entire screen for your site, which makes sense to me.

In that respect, I've redesigned some of the visual elements of my site to be easier to navigate and easier to tell what elements are grouped together to make navigation of the site easier. You'll notice on the link pages, for instance, the license information and the YouTube permission form are now on the same row, to the right of the embedded videos, just below the download button.

Also, the categories are listed in rows of six instead of four, which makes it easier to determine the categories at a glance when your the Techno, Rock, Orchestra, and Misc sections.

I hope you enjoy these changes, but leave any feedback you like the feedback section of my forums here. :)
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