AlmightyGirth - Time-Lapse Drawings

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AlmightyGirth - Time-Lapse Drawings

Postby Lanimilbus » Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:39 am

Hello everyone.

I am here for the obvious reason of promoting my channel.

About Me and the Channel: I am a very simple man, with a desperate hunger for the approval of others. To fulfill this desire I have created a channel where I will be posting time-lapse videos of my drawings. And since videos of someone drawing in relative quiet can grow boring, I have elected to include music in my videos. Unfortunately I am no musician, but luckily for me I stumbled across our friend TeknoAxe so there will be plenty of quality sound to hear as I scribble on my paper. You can find the link to my channel above and below, it is but a baby now (I have only posted 2 videos thus far with 1 more on deck for next week) but soon it will be a hulking beast of a channel and those who got in on the ground floor will receive the extreme honor of being able to claim "I knew about AlmightyGirth before he got all famous". And if it doesn't take off, well then you all get to be part of a chosen few who will have watched me. Either way you get to be the cool kids, and that's what really matters.

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