Supergirl: Endurance Now Playing on WON YouTube

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Supergirl: Endurance Now Playing on WON YouTube

Postby jimbobklyn5 » Fri Dec 27, 2013 2:38 pm

It's here! From the creators of "Supergirl In The Watery Trap" WON-TV YouTube Networks/Jimbo-FailExchange Production in association with MMP Studios. I present to you the latest custom video/fan film. Part of the WON/MMP Supergirl underwater Peril fan Film Series.
It's Supergirl: Endurance. Starring Jac LeDoux as Supergirl and Co-Starring Lauren Kisner as The Rogue Green Lantern. Again, I caution you folks..that the company had numerous challenges and complications with this film (especially with the handcuffs as you will notice, my advice just use your imagination) But, they did the best they could and still did a great job with this custom video/fan film. Brought to you in High Definition! Features music From technoaxe

Special thanks to MMP studios for filming this custom video project/fan film for me.

The plot of this story is that Supergirl disguised as Jacklene Kent , mild mannered reporter is at home after coming from work is listening to the radio when breaking news arises. While listening the special report, she finds out that a major robbery has taken place at the Metropolis National Bank and almost $20,000 was stolen...Not only was that stolen..but also the Omegahedronis which was locked up in a bank vault and transmitted energy rays from the vault to a satellite dish and the energy rays go to Supergirl's home which is Argo City. She has also found out that Green lantern has escape from metropolis prison and was responsible from the thefts. Now, the question is why had the female Green Lantern turn rogue..the main reason why is because she was sick and tired of Supergirl saving the day and getting all the credit...and she figured that the only way to get attention is to call attend to herself by doing bad things.. Now Supergirl is determined to get the stolen cash and Omegahedronis back...That's when The Rogue Green Lantern comes in...she challenges to an endurance duel...Who's stronger, who's faster and who can survive? The key is that If Supergirl wins the endurance test, green lantern will give herself up and hand over stolen cash and Omegahedronis. The big twist of this story that even through the evil green lantern says that if Supergirl wins she'll give up the stolen good and give herself up to the police..that is not what she plans to do or intends to do. That's when peril ensues...The story ends up in the pool and an underwater fight/battle takes place. The question is, will Supergirl survive the endurance test and get the Omegahedronis back..or will it be too late?

I hope you folks enjoy. Remember, this was a small budget custom video/fan film. I add some things to it. Anyway, enjoy.

Now, this fan film was created and uploaded on YouTube last Sunday. It once again features music from technoaxe. Again..great music done by technoaxe. I hope he makes more cinematic music. What makes it more great is's for free. So, Here is Supergirl: Endurance..Starring Jac LeDoux and featuring the music of "Technoaxe"

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