Musings on Extra YouTube Channels for Genre Separation

For the longest time, I’ve had only one YouTube channel to showcase my music and allow for the user to find what is best for their videos.  With my main channel nearing 1000 public videos in a huge number of genres, however, I’m feeling like my audience is getting lost in a sea of stuff that they may or may not like.  Additionally, it also feels like music tracks get lost in the abyss two or three months after release;  they’re good tracks, but they have the stumbling block of competing with my most popular tracks and also the newer tracks that I come up with later down the line.

So, as an experiment, I’m going to construct additional channels to showcase certain divisions in my musical pool.  I’ve already constructed channels specifically for EDM, Soundtrack, and Rock, as well as an additional one for any tutorials I do for music.

There are many reasons to do this.  For one, my main channel is already bunched up with 30+ playlists trying to aggregate my catalog of music.  Although playlists are my number 1 source of views on YouTube, I have a feeling that even the list of playlists on the channel have become a confusing mess for those trying to look for specific things.

One other reason is subscription related, where I fully acknowledge that my main channel probably has at least three different audiences, subscribed for different reasons.  No doubt, there are people on my channel that like everything that I do, but there are probably a number of people who only subscribed for the EDM music, as opposed to things like accordion music with a fiddle in the background.

And of course, the tutorials probably have a different audience entirely, so that’s why I created that channel.

Which is not to say that I will get rid of the main channel.  That channel will always remain the main place that I post music to.  But my thought is to allow for the option of people to subscribe to their specific taste in music.

Any thoughts on this topic are appreciated.  If you have a comment, please post it below in the disqus panel or respond to me on twitter.


  • Tyrus Dalet

    Seems like a sensible idea to be honest – I for one enjoy all of your music (and am listening to it right now) but my brother on the other hand only enjoys your more classical pieces, and is a little annoyed that it’s a little difficult to filter out what he doesn’t like.

    This method simply gives people more control over what they listen to, but doesn’t stop them from listening to you in general.