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Author: GrinningStudio date: Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:43 am


Malukah Smiles:


Malukah Smiles:

Malukah Smiles! A cute compilation of baby smiles that will brighten your day!

This video is all about the many smiles of Malukah. Before she was born, and while deciding baby names, my wife and I happened to be listening to one of (the singer,) Malukah's, cover songs. We thought the music and her name were great, so we decided to name our baby, Malukah. We contacted Malukah, told her, and she gave us her blessing.

Malukah was supposed to be born in May, but she was two weeks late and ended up being born, coincidentally, on (the singer,) Malukah's same birthday. So now they have the same name and the same birthday. ^_^

YouTube is giving me some harassment of their own about using your "Harassing the Mailman" song. as of Sep. 3rd, even sending them your permission form, putting links to all the information in the video description and everything else, they still have not allowed monetization on this video. Seems to be pretty popular too. Lots of likes for only a few watches.

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